Wednesday 14 September 2011

A New Perspective

After many years of wanting to make a tabletop periscope I finally managed to pick up a bit of suitably sized mirror (from an old toilet bag that was going in the bin) and with the use of a protractor and some scrap card I've put together this offering.

Quite pleased with the result although perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing object, it does work and can be tarted up a bit if needed.

Put together so it can be used by simply putting it on the table at the appropriate spot (to check line of sight or just to admire the view) it can be viewed without hunkering down or other contortions.

Always wanted one since in my teens and saw them for the first time in Yorkshire at the Wargame Holiday place of the late Peter Gilder and was well impressed then. Now I've got one, I'll probably see if I can improve on the model, (if I track down some more mirror of a suitable size).


  1. Now that's a clever idea. Especially for gamers with back problems. And lets face it, all that miniature painting gives us all back problems eventually.

  2. Your right about the back problems DB. It's already proved useful for my mate JTM who has issues with all that and so far saved lots of back ache. An unforseen benefit.


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