Sunday 11 March 2012

Future Wars Update 001

Fire Team One Bravo
This week I've finished off the first Fire Team for my Future Wars Project. This team was the guinea pig to see if my colour scheme was going to work and to try out the urban camo which I had never tried painting before.
The colour scheme certainly seems to work pretty much as I had intended so happy with that though I wasn't sure whether I should try to highlight the black body armour or not. I think I'll leave it with out the highlights to be honest.

Not a hundred percent happy with the bases though. I felt since the figures were generally quite dark that the bases needed to be reasonably light though I didn't want to have just sand colour so I've tried a textured base painted in mid earth tones and then flocked. I guess it's the flock that seems to spoil the finish a bit. Maybe static grass would have been better to go with the tufts and so on.

Anyway, happy with the paint scheme and I can now get on with painting up the other half of Squad Bravo (about half done already) and the other two squads and command to get the Mechanised Infantry Platoon done. So on course for this project in any event.


  1. Yup camo looks excellent. Great stuff!

  2. I think they look great too...

  3. So do I. I've always loved Mark Copplestones Future Wars line from Copplestone casting and the future skirmihs line from EM4. I have loads of them. I love what you;ve done with these ones.

  4. Thanx gentlemen for the kind words. More from the 3rd Scots Assualt Brigade soon now I know what I'm doing with them. :-)

  5. Very nice painting, Hendrid, andthe camo is spot on! Excellent pictures as well. Thanks for the post!


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