Friday 30 March 2012

New Empire Sneak Peak

New Empire AB Cover
The usual sneak peeks are out and about on the Interweb and being a fan of the Empire since 'it was good' I of course dived in, (though you've got to wonder how much this is all planned in someone's demented marketing mind) being a sucker for the punch.

The cover promises some new artwork which should be nice.

What I've seen of the leaked WD magazine photo's looked to be a mixed bag from my point of view.

The new griffon with a mixture of possible riders fits in with the current big/huge/nasty thing that all the armies are getting which is not really my bag. Suitably impressive I suppose but won't be rushing out to buy one just yet though the riders might worth a closer look so I won't write it off totally.

Demi-Gryff Knights
Looking much more of interest for the modelling front and general appeal are as suspected when the last army book came out and mentions them, the Demi-Gryff knights.

These look to be more in the mold (if you pardon the pun) of the Empire feel and look to have a lot of modelling/conversion possibilities.

Volkmar on War Alter
The next up is the War Alter/laser lens thing/ossary model which again as suspected a multi-use kit to create a seriously top heavy magical vehicle. Again my sense of fantasy likes to have a grounding in the laws of reality and something that looks like it would fall over doesn't get my vote. That said, all the bits have great possibilities for making other models so I probably will pick this one up too in the fullness of time though not for it's intended use.

Apart from these, there is a mix of character figures which the 'leaked' photo's don't really show very well but a couple look to be not too bad, and a two of these would appear to be multi-part kits - the captain of the Empire and the Engineer. Again these should be useful for more parts though judging by the piccy, big looks to be beautiful again, big plumes and so on. A closer (better) look being required for these before judgement can be passed.

Doesn't look like as I'd hoped that the knights set was going to get a re-vamp.

The WD is apparently out tomorrow with the releases out soon after so only a short time will tell if the new figs are up to scratch with some of the pasts very useful and tasty models.


  1. Ordered my copy of the Book today from Total Wargamer who are offering 25% off cover price. Even with £1.99 it still works out cheaper than ordering from Maelstrom and Wayland and they tend to be pretty quick with their orders

    1. Thanks for the tip KP, ordered too. Cheers

  2. Great blog!

    I agree completely with what you said about the new Empire stuff. Definitely a mixed bag. I also like my fantasy grounded in a bit of reality...I always liked the Empire as "Landsknechts in a Fantasy World". But GW seems to be moving further and further away from that. And the I'll probably get the new book, but I can't see myself spending, for example, $60.00 on 3 miniatures (the Demi-Gryffs). Of course, never say never....



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