Monday 3 August 2015

Claymore 15

Once again a trip was duly taken through to the east coast for Claymore '15 at the weekend there.

The roads were as usual, heaving on the saturday with the run of events and such on on the day but all bearable along with a slightly changeable outlook on the weather front.

The venue at Edinburgh College Granton Campus (the Old (New) Telford College) was pretty busy when arrived at (lucky to get parked) and stayed that way right up until 2:30/3:00 ish which was great for the event and the level of busy-ness stayed at a fairly OK level throughout. All good so far.

The array of games on offer from the various clubs were over a pretty good spread of interests and a reasonable number were participation events roughly half those on offer.

A selection of games catching my eye this year;

Dave Imrie's ECW Demo

Towton Game using Lion Rampant Rules

Kiriemuir's 1st Battle of St Albans
League of Augsburg's Great Northern War

Missed name of this game...but it's got Elephants!
Quite a few smaller, skirmish or similar games on offer including Bloodbowl (complete with stadium) and a multitude of smaller Sci-Fi type games and a couple of Fantasy ones too.

Traders were many and fairly diverse offerings but mainly the old trusted names that are there every year but not complaining about that. Picked up a few bits and bobs, mainly terrain making materials and few resin castings plus a couple of monster types for Frostgrave, so quite happy there.

The only fly in the ointment this year was the catering, which was abysmal. I think the caterer's were pretty new to the franchise but the staff were as helpful as they could be, just a bit un-organised, but the actual bon affaire was +#!?>"% awful. Coffee was OK though. A 'must try harder' mark for next year.

All in all, once again a 'guid day oot' in the Auld Toon and will, of course, be there next year.


  1. I left early and thought it seemed a bit quiet so good that people kept coming in during the afternoon

  2. Some cracking looking games on show by the look of it, thank you for sharing.


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