Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Claymore Castings Schiltron Figures

Claymore Castings Scots Schiltron x2
Tonight at the weekly club meet, David Imrie kindly dropped round and dropped off my pre-order of a couple of the new Schiltron Units from Claymore Castings, fresh out the injection moulding machine.

First impressions of seeing the figures in the flesh are very good.

The detail of the Paul Hicks sculpts is some of his best work (generally getting better as he gets older...don't we all) and the animation of the figures is first rate.

The figures being from virgin moulds is practically flash free and they require almost no cleaning up. Size wise they are pretty much 28mm toe to eye and are there fore comparable with Gripping Beast or Front Rank sized figures but half a head smaller than say the current Perry mini's though of a similar style.

I'm pleased to get these early and I'm looking forward to get these painted up and looking menacing, though I'm going to be a good boy and not get too distracted by the new shiny and continue with my progress with my Berbers first, to a point anyway.

As far as the use these nice figures will get put too is still not completely formed past a Scots Common type army for Harlaw kind of period or even, though at a bit of a stretch style wise, for the Scots in France at the beginning of the 15th Century. Certainly with a couple of different command groups and standards they could be comfortably be used for Scots at home and abroad over decent 50 year span. Though the figures are designed around Otterburn 1388 and do have a flavour of that period, us canny Scots make-do-and-mend, and make sure we got our money's worth so you can justifiably use these figs into the Agincourt period.

I'm looking forward to see the next releases due from the range in the fullness of time and will be looking to expand this new venture into a whole new project. Hurrah! more lead-fulness.


  1. They are very nice. Im looking forward to getting a few more of them.

  2. Damn nice looking figures and damn nice to get them hot off the press and hand delivered....

  3. Yes they do. Now if I could only find an opponent who plays 13-14th century medieval!

  4. They are a bit on the large size for my 25mm collection but I will probably grab a few of them as they do look nice.

    My longbowmwn will gladly take them on!

  5. They are nice figs and very nice of David to get them to me so speedily, much appreciated.

    @ David - I'm sure we'll get a game with them in the fullness of time, look forward to taking on your drated longbow.


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