Monday, 4 June 2012

Abbey Project Update

Using the long weekend to get a couple of bits and bobs done and as the second major part of my Abbey terrain project was nearing completion anyway, I managed to get it finished off (bar a probable couple of highlights and maybe fill out the foliage on the bushes a bit) this afternoon.

The piece forms the major intact part of the western range, which only now needs a couple of small tumble down rubble pieces to finish off, which I'll do next.

Along with the rubble pieces, I'm going to make up the central dias/platform area which should nice and easy to do.

The next major piece which is all planned out and awaiting assembly is the gate house, which will likely be the single biggest piece of the project.

The issue I've found with this piece, which I didn't have last time is that the 3mm MDF used for the base is still a bit prone the movement, which it did with this piece which 'sprung' long ways, and after various soakings etc isn't too bad, though you can see it on the end-to photo above and meant that the removable walk way pieces are a bit loose.

I know why this has occurred but a bit of planning is required to prevent it happening again as several of the pieces planned are going to be similar in layout. I also like the 3mm MDF as it's not too heavy looking which 6mm MDF does. Any tips on preventing this gratefully received.


  1. Excellent stuff! Looking forward to seeing all of the pieces together!

  2. That's a beautiful piece of work mate!

  3. That's amazing looking. No idea how to fix your problem though.

  4. Thanks all for the kind comments.


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