Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Second Battle of Isen Fords - Rematch

With this game going to be the last club game of the year, something with a bit of fun was going to be called for, and when Kev suggested going for a re-fight of the ever popular (in my book anyway) Second Battle of the Fords of Isen, a quartet of us were up for a laugh with Kenny, Dave K and myself jumping in to take sides.

This time round I plumped to go on the Evil side and see if I could get a victory, as was narrowly snatched from me last time as the Goodies. with Dave K taking the other half of the Baddies, and Kev and Kenny going the forces of Light.

Initial Set up
The Initial st up was pretty standard and my Dunlendings and Dave's Uruk moving towards the forces defending the ford, taking pot shots as they advanced.

Rohirrim re-enforcements arrive

The Rohirrim re-enforcements appeared on their first roll check and that was before we even reached the Ford Defenders

The wolf Riders appear too

The Isengard re-enforcements appeared the following turn but the wolf riders failed to make a scratch and all went down very quickly though occupied some of the Rohirrim Riders for a couple of turns.

The fight for the ford

The fight at the ford was hotly contested and the greater numbers of Dunlendings and Uruk quickly forced the Rohirrim back here. The Rohirrim were pretty successful in feeding the Troll and keeping him out of doing any major damage unitl near the end.

The Troll and numbers of the Uruk wade across the river and start to make a dent with the Uruk abandoning their bows eventually to just get stuck in. The Dunlendings begin to lose numbers to the far more successful Rohan shooting.

The forces of Darkness are running out of numbers

By about turn 8 it was more than aparrent that the Rohan had grasped victory in terms of numbers with all but a couple of Dunlendings gone and the Uruks beginning to drop in number and break tests were starting to depleat the numbers even more. But the Rohan were getting close to break tests too.

Playing right up to the final turn 10 and though the Rohan forces had lost a couple more mainly to the Troll, it wasn't enough for them to get sufficiently worried with their number surviving more than triple the amount of the forces of Darkness left giving the forces of Light a comfortable victory. The forces of darkness never really looking like they were winning this one from the outset.

A grand game to end the years gaming with, and lots of fun but a victory in this scenario eluding me once again. Next time perhaps?


  1. A good game indeed. I know Kev wants to put more of these games on in 2015 and I hope that I will be able to take part again

    1. True, Kev's LotR games are always fun, looking forward to more next year

  2. That's a great looking game to go out of the year on.


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