Monday 3 October 2011

Italian Wars . . . . I have a Cunning Plan

Battle of Fornovo 1495
Back from Wales and though very nice it was I'm glad to be back home. I will get around to post a few (selected) photo's of the many medieval delights that Wales has to offer, but that's for another time,  once I've downloaded and sorted them out etc.

During one of the enforced days of rest due to crappy weather I managed to sort out my plans for the Italian wars project. I tend to go at these things a bit piece meal but I thought this time I should have an end goal. So I have now put together a project plan, all slightly anally retentive but hey, it occupied an otherwise dreich afternoon.

In brief I've listed out a French, Italian and HRE/Spanish armies which with a bit of forethought should provide a bit of variety interest and usefulness. All are aimed at the early Italian Wars for flavour which should mean I can use most of the units for other generally late 15th Century armies. I could list all sorts of alternative forces/armies but I'm sure you can figure the kind of armies out for yourselves.

The list for units;

I'll keep this updated on the Italian Wars Project page.

A welcome to the Warblog is due to Arlequin who has many on-line exploits but his main blog can be checked out here and you will see his many interests are legion and you can pick up on his other sites.


  1. Thanks for the welcome and glad to be aboard!

  2. Well by that list it's seems you will be very busy indeed!!


  3. A lot to do right enough, but it is a long term plan (and knowing my painting speed, very long term). I'll be concentrating on the French first to get something on the table as quickly as possible. Cheers

  4. interesting blog lots of information, keep up the good work

  5. Thanks Galpy, glad you like things here so far, enjoying the exercise myself.


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