Saturday 10 December 2011

By Fire and Sword

Many who have been following my blog for some time will know of my keen interest in Eastern European Warfare and in particular during the late Medieval and Early Renaissance periods.

It therefore comes as no surprise that my interest was raised, indeed excitement induced when I saw an advert in this months Wargames Illustrated for the 'new' (at least to me) By Fire and Sword range of 15mm figures and I believe a soon to be released rule set of the same name.

'By Fire and Sword' Rule Set (Polish Version)
Although I'm not really a 15mm gamer, the figures do look pretty tasty and the range looks to be fairly all encompassing as far as the 1585 - 1660's are concerned.

Winged Hussars
Crimean Tartar Command
The range includes for all the combatants; Polish-Lithuainians, Tartars, Ottomans, Swedeen, Cossacks and Muscovites coming soon, plus banners, terrain and accessories like baggage wagons, bases etc. All look to be pretty good. The company site for interest is here;

The site here is for info on the  rules info and updates etcand in Britain the range can be picked up from North Star Games who continue to add to their extensive and very interesting stable of wargames miniatures from around the world. In America, Warpath Games and Germany,Frontline Games.

I do prefer 28mm for my gaming but you never know, I might be tempted to dabble, but in any event, it is good to see more available for the period which can only be good, and also good to see another continental quality manufacturer getting into the wargaming market. More like this can only be good for 

I also noticed on the site, various other bits caught my eye, including a book by I the artist Mariusz Kozik including pieces like this;
Might be worth tracking down too.


  1. Love this era Hendrid, saw the ad myself look like a comprehensive range!

  2. I totally agree, The rules look quite good and the figures look superb, they're not periods I know much about, but it could be an exciting new project, of course I've got to finish the other 4 first!!

  3. Quality!

    Their range of miniatures is superb! Hopefully their rules will be to the same standard.

  4. I've had the test version of the rules downloaded since last November. Everything on the their website looks great.

    However, I've given up on everything smaller than 28mm (I still have an 15mm Essex Polish army to sell hopefully soon). If there was a quality 25-28mm miniature range out there, my wallet and all other gaming projects would be in big trouble!

    I know The Assault Group has minis, but I've never had any of their minis in hand to judge them for myself and I've been told their quality is up and down.

    For now I have to settle with having a large Warhammer Kislev army and my Wargames Foundry Cossack collection! :-)


  5. Willie/Vladd - I do like the figures, even if 15mm, but the rules do look promising so maybe worth picking up just the rules for starters, and of course pretty pictures etc.

    Ray - I know what you mean, so many shiny things, so little time.

    Jason - I generally do like TAG 28mm and have seen their Hussars and Lancers and so on and they are generally good. Lucky man to have a large Kislevite army, don't know the Foundry Cossacks though.

  6. Please remember that you can use these rules for 28 mm niniatures ;)

    The rules are consensus between dynamic and enjoyable and with a historical correction. One of the most interesting rules for this period IMHO.

    The miniatures are superb. Beautiful sculpt, excellent proportions and highly detailed. You can see lot of the Cossacks and some Polish and Ottomans at my blog. Especially for you I have prepared the special thematic label:

  7. Thanks for the info Yori and the link, your figures look very splendid indeed. I'm looking forward to see the rules out in English, I'll definitely pick up a set.

    Cheers Rory


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