Tuesday 13 December 2011

Cead Mile Failte!

...or 'a hundred thousand welcomes', in Gaelic, to the new followers of the Warblog;

First up this time is jmilesr, who dropped by. I have been following his blog Lair of the Uber Geek for a while and his breadth of wargaming periods is pretty impressive, worth popping in for a look.

Next to drop in is quidamcorvus who hales from Poland and has an excellent Mordheim campaign and blog going on at Warheim Fantasy Skirmish.

Also dropping in from Poland is P[akh]B who's blog Posthuman Diary is excellent for all sorts of wargaming goodness especially his future and Sci-Fi modelling, worth a trip there.

Next to pay the Warblog a visit and kindly sign up for more is Flags of War, who I know many of you will know for their excellent, well...Flags of War. Stop by their site for lots of 'standard' goodness.

And the Warblog also welcomes Jehan who hales from France and has a wide spread interest in all things wargaming (and I believe re-enactment too) and you can check out his blog at L'antre de Jehan

All welcome to the Warblog, and I hope you continue to find something of interest.



  1. Welcome to yourself on my blog sir!

  2. Hi Fran, good to see you on board. Been following your blog for quite a while, good stuff.


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