Tuesday 20 December 2011

December WIP - Abbey Project

Abbey 002 WIP
Another of my ongoing projects (and yes I know there are a lot of them) is my 'Abbey' terrain project.

I have been held up on this one for a while as it was taking me ages to cast the arch pieces from the Hirst Arts molds, with one piece a cast and needing four for a complete arch and the cap stones for the walls was one tiny piece a cast and I was needing, well lots.

So anyway, long story short, I modelled a few pieces from milliput and I have finally got around to making my own silicone mold which I had around and was still usable. I cast up the pieces I needed and have progressed the next steps on the project and have done the basic assembly on items 002 and 003, the central section of the west wall (002) and the walled garden enclosure (003)

Abbey 003 WIP
Earlier in the year I did some sketches for the project to give me some direction and a skeleton to fit the project over and now I can proceed at a faster pace, at least faster for me anyway.

Next up is to texture both of the bases adding the usual detritus, and then get them painted up etc, all of which I aim to do over the festive season. Should be achievable.


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