Thursday 18 August 2011

1612 - A New Russian Epic?

Just picked this DVD up and watched the film with great interest, '1612', set in 'the time of chaos' with the Tsar dead and the Poles trying to muscle in and the only member of the royal family surviving is the Tzarina....

Two and half hours long and very 'Russian' the film is full of fairly graphic violence but not too gory but through out the film the uniforms, armour and clothing is very authentic for the period and full of nice little touches. Polish Hussars by the bucket load, Pacerni, German Mercenary Pike and Shot (who's firing drill is nicely portrayed) Boyars and so forth, all very niecly done.

The story follows a fairly standard route of the hero, a lowly serf makes good and proves to be a natural fighter thanks to the tutoring of a wiley Spaniard (shades of highlander here).

Generally not one for subtitled movies, but since the writer was the same one that did 'Mongol' which was another great fighting epic, I decided to give it a go and was pleasantly surprised.
All in all worth a watch since it can be picked up at your local supermarket for about £7. Recommended for anyone interested in the period and Russia/Poland, and the film is very Russian. The Priest in the tree is very good!
1612 - Polish Hussars


  1. I should give both a try, thanks for the info!


  2. Hendrid which store did you pick this up in? might try and get it!

  3. Picked the DVD up in Morrisons, but I would think you could pick it up in any of the bigger branches of most of the supermarket chains or Media stores.


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