Tuesday 23 August 2011

Garde Ecossaise Standard

Garde Ecossaise Standard - Charles VIII
With my Garde Ecossaise unit coming on and the green stuff is flying everywhere, I thought I should look out the standard for the unit I was planning on using. I had tracked down the appropriate details of the standard from Ian Heaths 'Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 1' quite sometime ago so I knew what it should look like.

Then quite a while ago I stumbled upon a very useful web site; The Danish Figure Games Association who have a marvelous selection of flags and standards for downloading from a range of periods including a good selection for French Medieval and Renaissance periods.
One of the standards there was just the standard described by Mr Heath so duly downloaded and saved said standard and stored it away for future use.

Now I have the where withall to do the unit I dug out the file and although useful I decided it needed a bit of prettying up, so with my first attempt in photoshop for doing a standard I did just that with the results above. It should hopefully grace my nice shiny Garde soon.

The Danish Figure Games Association website downloads page is worth a visit here for Medieval and Renaissance stuff. You'll be pleasantly surprised if you haven't come across they're site before.

Now that I've got the idea, I hope to refine the process and maybe produce some more standards for various units, might be fun to try anyway.

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