Sunday 7 August 2011

Claymore 2011

Another years show over and a good day was generally had certainly as far as the event went and the day out. Edinburgh was unfortunately absolutely jumping with the festivals first day and the rugby on, driving through the town took a bit of doing but arrived just the same.

A fair amount of games on worth looking at and many very good indeed, but none with a big wow factor, but several where it was evident the amount of work that had gone into their preparation even if it was only the sheer number of models painted ( a marvel that I always envy) and worth checking out none the less.

A fair selection of traders were present at the show with a couple of names changing and a couple of new traders to the venue were present and even though I'd gone to the show without any definite plan in picking up anything except the odd notion to get a new rule set or two I did manage to part with a fair few shekels on some Gripping Beast El Cid Spanish and Moorish Cavalry and a handful of Copplestone Cossack Cavalry plus a copy of Barry Hilton's 'Beneath the Lilly Banners 2' as planned plus the Extra Impetus army books 1 & 3 for their Italian Wars lists and the 15th Cent lists too. All nice books if a little expensive especially the Impetus ones. I also paid the Warbases stand a visit and picked up a few bits for a cunning plan.

I took a fair few pictures of the many table top delights on view but as it turns out using my phone was the wrong idea. All the photos turned out fine but for some obscure reason I cannot access them or download them directly to the PC, don't know why, so I am attempting to email a selection to myself from the phone, takes ages but we'll try and post some more soon. The wonders of technology, hmmm.

All in all a good day out and bumped into lots of folks which I only see at the various venue through the year so all good really.

A few pics;

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