Thursday 20 October 2011

Impetus Berbers vs Normans

Berber Skirmisher
This week I finally managed to get a game of Impetus, using my Berbers against Dave's Normans in a pretty historical match up (think Sicily-ish). Having only played a couple of games a couple of years ago and enjoyed the games and with a rash of players getting into the rules for various periods and scales at the club, I'd been looking to join in.

Dave with quite a few games under his belt with his Normans took me through the mechanics as a refresher (read this as leading me by the hand) with Chuck and Marco lending moral support as onlookers and tech support as they also knew the rules better than I.

An enjoyable game was had and Dave, unsurprisingly perhaps, managed a convincing win even though suffering from frighteningly terrible dice, with his Norman Knights doing the bulk of the damage. Though I did notice that my Berber Infantry did successfully break through his centre, interesting only in that Impetus is yet another rule set that shows the Berber army's strength is it's infantry. (Or maybe I'm rubbish at using the cavalry).

The Berber Centre steamrollers
 through the weak Norman Centre
Interesting game all the same and I look forward to play these rules again.

I did notice that Dave's Normans do look very nice based for Impetus. The large bases do lend themselves to showing off figures nicely.  I did pick up some pre-cut bases from Warbases for use with Impetus (a nice quick service from them) but will use them as sabots as my figures are based to suit WAB/Crusader style basing. I may in the fullness of time do a dedicated army for Impetus, thinking about Byzantines here, but that's for another time and another year.

Tribal Skirmishers
I plan (as I am want to do) to get my Berber Army into a more complete state and will no doubt have more games of Impetus. Though I quite like Bad Wars (being fun and different each time you play) I intend to also use Impetus for my Italian Wars project, as much because the availability of opponents to play but also the more 'serious' feel to the rules also gives a good dependable game experience. I think more practice is much called for.


  1. more and more people are talking about Impetus. I really should have a go someday.

  2. I played a game of Impetus with my Normans against a Moor army a few weeks ago. I was crushed, utterly, but enjoyed the game so much I'm probably going to pick up those bases Dave was using and paint up more of my Normans. I've had them six years now, I really should have finished the whole army by now after all.


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