Sunday 16 October 2011

Oh What A Lovely War!

The Great War Rule Set
I had noticed with interest on various blogs and guys at the Club saying that Warhammer Historical's were having a half price sale. I already have most of the Rules ans Army Books etc etc for WAB that I wanted but I had had thoughts on picking up 'The Great War' which has recently been in the Wargames press having just released their first Supplement for the rules.

At half price I went for it as they have had a reasonable press and I have had thoughts over the last few months of doing something 'Early Twentieth Century', with thoughts of Russian Civil War White Russians which have always appealed and more recently the Mesopotamian Front from WWI having read some interesting articles on this part of the conflict and in particular the Third Battle of Gaza.

Having picked up a few figures recently, just because, the purchase of these rules was probably a good thing, concentrating the thought processes rather than random buys. I did note in the blurb at the back of the rules that there will be a supplement in the future for the Mesopotamian theatre which I will definately pick up when available.

With the rule set only appearing in the post today I can't really give an in depth review or anything like it. Suffice to say the rules have the usual high production values of the GW stable with lots of nice piccies and fluff for the background, painting guides and so on that we are all beginning to expect from our rule sets these days. The admittedly quick read I've managed to have seems to indicate a fairly standard WAB format to the rules with a few pretty simple add ons to allow for the 'modern' warfare element but they seem to cover most things needed and I look forward to give them a try soon. So watch this space for some vintage 20th Century action. 

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  1. I suspect that the Mesopotamia supplement may be a while, as it's took two years to bring out the first supplement.

    In itself, I think Great War is fine, easily adapted to other settings and it's a simple thing to create your own vehicle and troop stats. If you're happy with the 'Warhammer' system, you should have no complaints!


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